Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Brother Asks... Business Meetings for Apprentices

A Brother Asks: What are your thoughts on allowing each lodge, at its discretion, to conduct
business meetings at the EA Degree level?

My Response: I guess that truly depends upon your end-in-mind, doesn't it.

If you want to bore the newbies to death and potentially drive them away with meaningless Reports and Minutes and do so before they even begin to progress, then opening the doors to them ...early on would accomplish your desired end.

Then again, if you want to attract them toward wanting to progress further and actually want to attend again long afterward, don't you think that first improving the quality and nurturing of the meetings for the existing membership should be a more important thing to do?
After all, what is opening the doors to newbies actually accomplishing for you and them? Attendance? 
That gets old quickly if nothing else is motivating them.
Brother John S. Nagy

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