Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Brother Asks... Freemasonic Participation

A Brother Asks: What should I keep in mind as I participate in Freemasonry?
My Response: Freemasonry in and of itself is nothing more than an opportunity to Introduce men to Masonry -- It is a Door.

Those who don't give any thought to Freemasonry soon come to service an ungodly Door, never Passing beyond It, but Believing with all their heart that they have. The actions they take upon this Belief delay the Travels of many Brothers, sometimes indefinitely.  

It is the fault of only a handful men who practice Freemasonry without any thought of Masonry that cause the problems that plague our Craft today.

Those who have given Freemasonry any in depth thought soon come to Recognize and Understand that it is but an Introduction to Masonry... and it is their Responsibility to let others know that "the Door it Reveals is not the Passage itself".  

Masonry Requires Travel, and it is not external!


Brother John S. Nagy


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