Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Brother Asks... What is Moral Law?

A Brother Asks: What is Moral Law?
My Response: From all that I've read about this, there exists but one Universal Moral Law and it has two entirely different ways of being stated so that its fullness can be understood by those who make effort to. It is: 
  1. One should treat all others as one would like all others to treat oneself.
  2. One should treat no one in any way that one would not like to treat oneself.
It is founded upon Civility, Consideration, Understanding, Respect and Tolerance, especially for Differences. It is found woven Universally into the Sacred Laws scattered to the four corners of Humanity.
Unfortunately, there exist hypocrites in positions of authority, both legitimate and illegitimate, who hang their hats upon the term "moral law" as an excuse to treat others hatefully and as less than. Those who support them are more culpable in that they are the ones who put these individuals in positions to do their bidding and do so deliberately to distance themselves from any accountability for their own hateful manners.
-- Coach John S Nagy

For more information on Moral Law, please refer to Building Boaz - Volume 2

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