Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Brother Asks... Contributing & Indicating Attributes of Maturity & Success

A Brother Asks: What are Attributes that "Contribute to" and are "Indications of" both Maturity and

My Response: The answer is within Ritual. All that you have to do is Carefully Examine the Development Work that is Required during Apprenticeship that helps Transform Youths to Adulthood. If your Apprenticeship did not Entail the following Skill Development, it's a Clear Indication that you got Cheated and you were Mislead into Thinking that you had Matured enough to Progress.
  1. Proper Time Management (24 IG)
  2. Proper Judgment (Virtue, 7 LAs&Ss)
  3. Proper Impulse Control (Temperance)
  4. Proper Planning (Trestle-board, 7 LAs&Ss)
  5. Proper Organization (Trestle-board, 7 LAs&Ss)
  6. Proper Critical Thinking (Trestle-board, 7 LAs&Ss)
  7. Proper Responsibilities (Cable-Tow)
  8. Proper Accountabilities (Cable-Tow)
  9. Proper Morality (Plumb, Square, VoSL)
  10. Proper Standards and Boundaries (Compasses, Cable-Tow, VoSL)
  11. Proper Consideration and Civility (Level, Compasses, VoSL, Virtue)
  12. Integrity (Word)
They appear in no particular order and the list is not complete.

Here's a question back at ya: Have you truly Received Proper Support to Properly Mature?


Brother John S. Nagy


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