Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Brother Asks... Setting the Plumb

A Brother Asks: Why is it so important to Set my Plumb?

My Response: In a nut shell, it provides to you a Standard by which you can Guide other Activities based upon what you Understand and Accept to be Most Important.

Let's get into it a bit...

When Masons skip over Setting their Plumb, burnout is inevitable. Applying the 24 Inch Gauge is founded upon knowing what is Important, and what is Not Important. That means you must know what your priorities are.  Without a Properly Set Plumb, priorities are not established, much less known and no Mason can use his Time Management Working Tool properly; trying to do without a Set Plumb is insanity. It is in Setting his Plumb that a Mason Determines, Establishes and Works toward Maintaining that which he values most. Until this is done, he does not consciously know what is truly Important to him and hence he shall participate unknowingly in multitudes of unimportant activities.

Likewise, the Square will not be True since the entirety of its Proper Angle is determined by Standards that are Embraced upon Setting the Plumb.  Without these Standards, how would you  
Determine, Establish and Work toward being Moral or Virtuous? 

Furthermore, the Level is useless without a Plumb.  How are you going to know how to view and treat others if you have not a Set Plumb?

Moreover, the Compasses require an understanding of what must be Circumscribed and why.  Without a Set Plumb to guide that Circumscription, your line is not guided by a known and true Standard.  Without such guidance, how would you know where and when to draw the line?

Additionally, without a Set Plumb, your Common Gavel becomes a danger to yourself.  How are you going to know what to divest yourself of without a standard to guide your activities?

I hope you can see why it is so important to Set your Plumb and to do so as early in your Work as possible.

I have a question back to you:  If you were to Set your Plumb, how would you go about doing this Great and Important Undertaking?


Brother John S. Nagy


John Houser said...

My Worthy Brother Nagy... the house I grew up in was crooked... how did I know that... The GAOTU was a guide in my life since I was a wee little lad! My eyesight was a little off, but in time my vision became better through the application of Godly wisdom!

Coach N said...

The Plumb is obvious for those with eyes to see and who seek it