Thursday, December 3, 2015

Anderson's Error Remains

Compass Point GA – In a recent development, the Restoration Union for Freemasonic Yesteryear Accuracy (RUfFYA) reported it had finally found the source of the flaw that has caused more trouble for the Fraternity than any other.  The flaw was spotted by a lone Society archivist, Brother Ibe A. Stickler, who discovered it while combing through some old proof copy manuscript editing notes thought long lost.

“It was right there all along!” Stickler exclaimed, "Hidden under reams of unpassed legislation."  When asked what caused the error, he said, “No one took the time to properly proof read it and the error got fixed into our Charges for near 300 years!”

‘It’s truly embarrassing when you think about it”, Grand Line Officer Right Worshipful Grant N. Syte said with a sigh. “It would have prevented so many problems with empowered members taking liberties with heavily biased ruling,  inane decisions, and poorly supported edicts.” He added, “This one small overlooked copy editing error has cause far too much unnecessary stress and friction for the Craft.”  Taking a deep breath, he added, “And to think, all of it could have been avoided had we simply educated our people from the beginning and owned our mistake.”

What was the error?  What could have caused the Society so many problems over the years?  Brother Stickler had this to say, “From what little information we have to go on, it happened when a Fraternity copy clerk, unschooled in the 7 liberal arts and sciences, didn’t follow directions.”  He went on to say, “It was he who ignored Anderson’s editing note and published the Constitutions with error intact.  Had the clerk not ignored that one note, the Craft would not have to tolerate stupid people taking liberties that degrade our beloved Society.”

What was in Anderson’s ignored editing note?  Well, according to the bold red letters on the original manuscript in the Charge section on page 50 entitled, “I. Concerning GOD and RELIGION”, it’s clearly written, “NO! NO! NO!  This first sentence should read, ‘…if he rightly understands the Art, he will never be a stupid Theist nor a religious Libertine.’ This section is not about men we want to keep out!  It's about men already within the Craft!   Please fix this!” 

Brother Syte was overheard to say, “It’s most unfortunate that Anderson didn’t catch the editing error till his Constitutions had already gone to press and were delivered to the general assembly. I’m certain he would have had it corrected had he realized the problems it would eventually cause the Craft.”


Brother John S. Nagy



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