Friday, January 8, 2016

A Brother Asks... Best Things about Being a Freemason

A Brother Asks: Okay, thanks Bro.! Now that you have shared the worse things about being a Freemason, what in your opinion are the best things?
My Response: I am SOOOO glad that you asked!
Let’s do another Top Ten List!

#1) There are never a shortfall of opportunities to be involved in something beneficial to someone, including yourself.
#2) You’ll find many Brothers that you will find something in common with and who truly and willingly want to share.

#3) You can practice in your own way, in your own time and as you want with others who are of like mind, like heart and like spirit.
#4) You are never at a loss for things to learn about the Organization, yourself and your Brothers and what you learn can and shall change your life for the Better as you apply what you learn.

#5) You can show up nearly anywhere in the world and attend a Lodge meeting, get suitable help or just hang out with Brothers.
#6) You can pursue Freemasonic Rabbits (interests), in darn near any direction you want, and do so until you drop from delightful exhaustion.

#7) You’ll be contacted by people you don’t know just because they know that you’re a Brother.
#8) You can play the part you want, when you work at it.  Heck, you can play parts you don't want, even when you don't work at it!

#9) Teamwork, encouragement and support from those who care.
And the biggie!...

#10) You’re always welcome.

Brother John S. Nagy

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