Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Brother Asks... Empty Seats

A Brother Asks: Why do we really suppose there are so many empty seats? ...why are our lodge rooms empty?

My Response: Because...
1) Static Offerings - Unlike in years past, we are no longer one of the only shows in town. There are far more shows offered now than there have ever been and the number is growing uncontrollably.  There is nothing new; nothing original; nothing that sparks the original interest of those enticed to join. 
How should we address this: Offer True Light and Good Discourse to drive it home, and not just more training that is clearly self-serving to the organization.

2) Un-Fulfillment - Moreover, we don't live up to the hype and those with interest in what they thought the hype offered soon move on to better, more interesting and more fulfilling offerings elsewhere, once they discover there is nothing but unfulfilling hype. 

How should we address this: Bring members in who have a realistic expectation of what is really offered and provide them Education that is fulfilling along those lines.  Not just plays pointing toward that education.
3) Stiffer Competition - Furthermore, once you've seen the show, there are other shows that offer much more to those who seek them.  The competition for attention is far more involved now than ever and it is growing tougher each day. Add to this the technology that is employed to deliver these shows and we have not kept up with the times, even with our specific niche in the marketplace.
How should we address this: Examine your niche market and continue to deliver what they are truly looking for.

4) Demanding MEgos - Officer (not membership) Focus - Additionally, there are some Lodge shows offering far too many "look at what office I obtained, title I bear and jewels I wear" & "How much do you want to give to my cause" people to demand repeat attendances.  In all honesty, these shows draw no interest from the majority who attend to nurture or be nurtured.
How should we address this: Stop the parade or, at least, stop the childish guilt trips and mind games toward those who refuse to support them.
5) Unnecessary Conflicts - Finally, many members show up to escape the stresses outside the Lodge.  When they show up and soon discover there's unnecessary stressors inside the Lodge, they shall avoid it like the plague.  They shall do this and even avoid talking with anyone who may invite them back into the insanity or even those associated with the Lodge for fear of the possibility of being invited back into the insanity.
How should we address this:  There is no easy way to deal with this especially when they are in office.  If you can, remove the conflict and the warring parties from the Lodge, much as what was done by forbidding religion and politics from being discussed in open Lodge.  Otherwise, move to and support a Lodge that deals with these issues effectively.
Brother John S. Nagy

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