Friday, January 22, 2016

Brothers Caught Up in Sting Operation

Honey Falls, NY – In efforts to bring forth more authentic immersion experiences for their incoming and attending Brothers, members of Holy Drone Lodge No. 6 opted to bring into its Master Mason Degree this last Thursday night, a fully functioning beehive.  Chaos was soon brought to Order.
“It was clearly not a well-thought out plan”, said EMT Keith B. Smart, a long time member of First Area Rescue Squad Enterprises and a ten year Freemason from another lodge.  “Not one member in attendance walked away without getting either stung or trampled in the effort to get out of the lodge” he said as he wiped some of the event’s sticky goo from his shoes. “It shows clearly that these performers have no practical experience when working with these wonderful animals.”
When asked about the planning committee’s judgment to proceed that evening, Worshipful Master Buzz Sweets responded with, “There’s stiff completion these days for membership and we’re trying really hard to make these events memorable to those who attend”.  He added, “and it doesn’t hurt our marketing efforts to have a buzz created when you want to have others speak about it.” 
One old timer, Sean M. Cummin, had this to say, “In my day, we would have pumped up the incense, fully filling the lodge, before we brought those buggers in”.  He shook his head with a sigh and added, “These newbies have got a lot of zeal, but they ain’t got much smarts. Everyone who’s actually done the Work knows ya hafta smoke ‘em if you’re going to work with them.  Otherwise you’re gonna get ‘em all riled up and you’re in for it then.”
When pressed further for his thoughts about the event's plans, Worshipful Sweets admitted that, “the committee did indeed need to comb through their plans more to work out any unnecessary bugs and to assure members didn’t get stuck somewhere in the middle of the performance”.
Please contact Lodge Secretary, Worshipful B. Keeper for information on the lodge's upcoming "Honey Bun” fundraiser event this next Saturday.
Brother John S. Nagy



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