Thursday, February 18, 2016

On the Square: Is your Foundation Strong?

Just as the Points of the Compasses Represent the Work Goals of the First and Second Degree – the Cultivation of the Heart and the Head respectively – by Extension, the Left and Right Legs of the Square Represent the Work actually Done to Cultivate one’s Heart and Head respectively.

When you have not yet done this Cultivation Work upon yourself, but earnestly want to, you can get a Leg up on It by examining to what Ritual alludes.

Better yet, make it a Point to do the Work that Transforms each side of you from an Oblong Square to a Perfect Square.

Here's the Point to Perpend: Have you actually done what it takes to Build the Strong Foundation that shall support your future? 

And one more: What must you do further?

Your current results speak volumes to those who know better.


Brother John S. Nagy

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