Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Brother Asks... Why the Church Controversy?

A Brother Asks1:  Why is Freemasonry so often a controversial thing in Church these days.
My Response: It appears that the Church in question has found that it's much easier to focus its group of people against an external cause that cannot be controlled than it is to have them do work upon themselves that is controllable. This is one of many ways to rally and solidify a group that is otherwise wandering aimlessly and without any true unifying purpose. It is called, "The addiction to a cause", and it is used within organizations to focus a group's attention on things that will control and focus attention and off things that really do need to be done because those in control know that by doing so, they gain tremendous power AND it masks the shortcomings and addictions of the leadership.
As you might be gathering from my response, Freemasons are not immune from this in any way. Members within our organization suffer with this all consuming characteristic all too often and unfortunately cause others within our organization to suffer as well and as a result.
My Response: It is one of many labels used by these groups. Labeling is a well-known way of categorizing, stereotyping and dehumanizing others so that those who are labeling them feel justified with attacking others in ways that would be unconceivable if the others were not so labeled. It is done out of ignorance AND in many cases it is done purposefully to influence others so that those who do the labeling shall gain additional influence over and from those who are ignorant.
Once again, Freemasons are not immune from this in any way. Members within our organization purposefully create labels to influence members who do not know any better and who would rather have things "simplified" so that they can react to situations that they would rather not think about in depth.
My Response: Yes.  It is not uncommon either.  The members of these organizations are mislead by both their
  1. unwillingness to do the work necessary to know and be better; and
  2. desire to focus their energies upon supporting things that they know are truly not good for them.​
As a result, they embrace ignorance at levels that are dangerous to both themselves and those they target as a result of their insanity.

Once again, Freemasons are not immune to any of this. It is why Freemasonry and Freemasons are currently struggling unnecessarily with so much non-sense and suffering as an organization, as an institution and as individuals within it.
Brother John S. Nagy

1 These questions are paraphrased to suit blog purposes.

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