Friday, March 11, 2016

A Brother Asks... Wisdom and Prudence's Relationship

A Brother Asks: What is the "relationship" between Wisdom and Prudence?

My Response: Well, to be totally honest...

Wisdom wants Prudence with all his heart, and has wanted her since Time Immemorial.

But since Wisdom is as old as the hills and is not quite up to the task of pleasing someone like Prudence in only the ways that a comparable youth, say like that kid Fortitude can, Prudence has got her eyes set upon something a little more "invigorating".  

And she has learned through experience that Fortitude sure does have staying power in that realm.

Sure, Prudence hangs out with Wisdom and has some fun and worthwhile spiritual perks from him, and she enjoys how Fortitude can keep up with her, but she also has an adventurous eye that only a level headed guy like that youth Temperance can provide.

She's learned that, as inexperienced as Temperance can be in some things, he always knows when enough is enough and Prudence appreciates that most of all.

And then there's this other virtuous guy Justice that she keeps an eye on, but he appears to be a bit too demanding at times and tends to turn a blind eye to superficial things and that simply takes a bit too much for her at times.

So, when push comes to shove, what it all comes down to is, there is no Justice in Prudence's relationship with Wisdom.  

Well, there might be some Justice on the side, but being Prudence, she ain't talking about it.


Brother John S. Nagy

PS - Wisdom leans toward knowing what's best; Prudence leans toward doing what's best.


Jon Sage said...

Nice approach to that definition and difference John- Well said!

Coach John S Nagy said...

Thanks Brother Jon.

I much appreciate your feedback.