Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bro. John S. Nagy visits Mandarin Masonic Lodge … Eureka!


JACKSONVILLE, FL. - Eureka, was the word of the day spoken several times out load among the brothers attending from the tri-district area of Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday March 5, 2016.  Where, Mandarin Masonic Lodge hosted his presence and workshops.  Bro. John, an eight time author of “Building the Builder” series presented to brothers all, some 24 to be exact who took upon themselves a Saturday to be enlightened in esoteric and the many discoveries of Bro. John’s research in Free masonry.
A Light Breakfast was served followed by a lunch and fellowship. Bro. John, covered topics ranging from the entry of our west gate through the three degree’s. with a large screen and presentation, the day was not a loss as “Eureka” shouted among the brothers when another mind blowing discovery  after another, was revealed. 
Bro. John, arrived and stayed at the residence of Worshipful Master where an evening dinner was shared with several of our lodge brothers. Dinner, refreshments and a retirement to the back woods and bonfire where heavy discussions of Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were shared by all. At one point of the evening, Bro. Todd Connors presented Bro. John, with honorary colors of a dress shirt sporting the Brothers of the White Ash Logo.
During his visit, Bro John, attended Mandarin’s DDGM visit and enlightened us further with  masonic education topic on “Cowens and Eavesdroppers”,  delivered in his usual high spirit generating another eureka moment. Thank you Bro. John, Look forward to your return and enlightenment.
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