Monday, April 11, 2016

A Brother Asks... Why no Females?

A Brother Asks: Why aren't females permitted in mainstream's open lodge activities?
My Response: Because the members of the male-craft version of Freemasonry, by way of a written proscription, decided about 300 years ago to create and support a "no female" environment. It can't get any plainer or simpler than this.
He Continues: Do you believe that it's because the Craft is keeping a stonemason tradition that didn't permit women masons?
My Response: No. That is not a stonecraft tradition and it never was one. Like so many other stories in Freemasonry, this lore was made up to support and justify what we have today.
The fact is, we are not a continuation of those guilds. We never were. That is fabricated lore that supports a fabricated fantasy; it is not fact.

Moreover, if we are to be considered a continuation of anything it would be the theatrical societies of medieval times when most all guilds put on "mystery plays" (The word "mystery" at that time meant "occupation" when applied to this term). Such theatrical groups did not permit women not because they didn't want them to participate but due to society norms and more especially the laws of the time proscribing woman from participating as actors in theatrical productions.

In other words, it was illegal to have them involved.

If you think about it, if the Craft are to continue doing the theater that we do, focusing our patrons upon their morality, and remain true to the theater norms of that time, no woman would be allowed in what we do, ever.

That being said, the tradition is outdated. Times and attitudes have changed.

But men's mentalities and needs to be in all men groups are not governed by the laws of man. They are governed by a strong psychological need to be away from female influences when communing with other men, even if all that they are participating in is mind-numbing business meetings.

I believe if you examine the evidence, the organization more than fills that need for some.

He Continues: Modern freemasonry has enacted many amendments to its rules, but none related to gender. Why?

My Response: We have a men's society and we like it that way for a multitude of reasons; all personal to the men folk who engage in it. 

He Continues:  Is this rule related something deeper, perhaps related to cabala, alchemy, etc.?

My Response: Nah. You can tunnel down a thousand rabbit holes of fantasy and rationalized woowoo but the central fact is simple: The membership wants a place to hang out with only their male homies. 

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