Monday, August 14, 2017

A Brother Asks: Passions' Radius?


A Brother Asks: We've been told that we are supposed to circumscribe our passions.  What specifically should be the radius of a Brother's Passion?
Coach: That's a great question.  How would you define "Passion"?
Brother: Something that a person feels very strongly about.
Coach: That's a great start.  I add to your thought that, while a desire is something that someone wants, a passion is something that a person wants so strongly that he is compelled to take action to pursue it, even if it means that he suffers in his pursuit and does so willingly!
Brother:  That makes sense.  How can that be translated into a specific radius for circumscription?
Coach: Knowing that he is willing to suffer, a Brother, by virtue of being held to account for his passions as prescribed by Freemasonic ritual, should set the radius of his passions short of causing any and all sufferings upon others that he is compelled to embrace for himself.
Brother:  I get it.  No other person should be made to suffer as a result of a Brother's passionate pursuits.

Coach: Exactly!  Let's make it personal. 

Brother: Sure!

Coach: When anyone other than yourself suffers because of your passion, you've gone too far. 

Brother: But what about those who are willing to suffer with you?

Coach: Then they by their engagements have revealed aligned passions with yours and are either directly or indirectly willing participants who, by their very willingness,  engage in suffering also, and do so by choice!

Brother: But wouldn't you agree that if such suffering results in damage then you've went too far?

Coach: Wouldn't that truly depend upon what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice to obtain it?

Brother: How so?

Coach: I agree that collateral suffering even to the point of damage is an unwarranted imposition upon those who have not agreed to suffer along with you in your pursuits. 

However, if you willingly suffer to the point of damage to your person, yea even your life, then you have a desire in your heart that is to you worth more than your person.

This does occur when passions run high and is usually viewed as heroic by those who benefit from such passionate actions without suffering themselves. 

Brother: Have you an example to offer?

Coach: Do you think Christ went too far?

Brother: Point taken.

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