Friday, January 5, 2018

Freed Cave Dweller Maxims

Good Day Fellow Travelers!

I wrote these "Freed Cave Dweller Maxims" years ago due to some in depth conversations with some frustrated light seekers.  They were put forth in guidance, in humor and in love.   

Perhaps they may provide some grist for your thought mill.


Bro. John S. Nagy


Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #1: Knowledge is not Power; it's inventory. It is only through application that Knowledge emPowers.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #2: Share what you know only with those who will apply it for Good.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #3: Going back to the cave to find those who will apply knowledge for good is a awesome responsibility not intended for the weak of spirit and timid of heart. It is a loving act.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #4: To spark a QUEST, ask an empowering QUESTion.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #5: To incite a massive jail break, write a whole bunch o' questions and publish them in a series of odd sounding books designed to cause chain corrosion.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #6: Never assume a curious person is a moral person.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #7: Those who cannot handle Light shall find ways to numb their reality, conceal their numbing ways from themselves and others and sabotage and, if need be, destroy those who make effort to reveal these numbing ways.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #8: Self-serving action is not a bad thing.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #9: The cave can be a really fun place to visit, especially if you like messing with cave dwellers in subtle but beneficial ways.

Freed Cave Dweller Maxim #10: When returning to any cave, bring a Light. It'll help Guide you and keep you warm.

What maxims do you see needing to be added?

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