Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Brother Ask... Betterment

A Brother Asks: I've heard "Masonry Makes Good Men Better", but what does Freemasonry do?

My Response: Freemasonry only opens doors toward Betterment for men who wish to Travel the Realms of Masonry, and there are many!  And for some, it only points to these doors.

There must also be a base of goodness though.  Freemasonry is not intended to be offered as a Program of Rehabilitation for any soul, although there are some souls who could benefit tremendously toward this end by the Masonic Practice Freemasonry points them toward. 

The Betterment however is the sole Responsibility of each Traveler should the door be opened unto him. 

Keep your expectations in check though.  Freemasonry shall make no effort toward your Betterment other than keeping the door of Betterment open to those who are truly worthy.

Here's a question back to you:  What makes you think that you are Worthy of what Freemasonry Offers and what Masonry Provides?


Brother John S Nagy

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