Friday, March 15, 2013

A Brother Asks: Helping Better the Next Generation

A Brother Asks: I want to help the next generation of Masons to develop into better men.  What can you suggest? 
Coach: Great question!  I won't suggest anything; instead, I'll highly recommend the following: 

Engage them in continuous discourse with Q&A related to what Ritual directs them toward, premised upon asking a simple question:  

What Work must be done to make a good man a Better man, and what occurs for any man who leaves such improvement Work undone?
Brother: Thanks!  Would you please offer some starter questions?

Coach: Sure!  Here are some lead in questions based on some of the Working Tools and Lodge Furniture: 
  1. CG - What is Divesting and how is it done? How will you go about this?  what occurs when you don't do this Work??
  2. CG - What are Vs&Ss? How are they similar and different? How does divesting yourself of them impact your virtues?  What impact do Vs&Ss currently have upon your life and the lives of others?
  3. TFIG - What is the foundation of Time Management?  Why is this so important?  What occurs when you don't manage your time well?
  4. TFIG - What must be done to manage your time wisely? How will you do this effectively and consistently?  Who gets imparted negatively when you don't?
  5. J'sL - What is the basis of Virtue? What are the Cardinal and Theological Virtues? What plan must be executed to develop them within your life?  What happens to weak men?
  6. VoSL - What most important to you? What must you do to honor it?  How does it relate to the Plumb?  What does the Plumb tell you?
  7. Cs - What is Circumscription and how does one go about Circumscribing?  What specifically do you need to apply this toward and frequently?  What occurs when you go uncircumscribed?
  8. Cs - What are the similarities and difference between Passions and Desires?  Why is it important to know these?  What occurs when you don't understand and properly direct your dominant Passions?
  9. Cs - What does Subdue mean? How do you benefit from it? What are some examples of subduing success?  What are examples of unsubdued actions?
  10. VoSL - What does it mean to be true to one's Word?  What occurs when you are not true to your Word?
...and so forth.   These are starter questions and you can develop more focusing on other symbols and allusions offered through ritual. 

I recommend though that you continually focus upon "what actions make good men better" and not issues that are already covered by the usual offered lodge education.

The Q&A could go on for months and, if taken seriously, even several years. The quality of the discourse and the men engaging in it would certainly improve over time, if they do their Work.

Good Luck and Travel Light!


 -- Coach Nagy


Friday, March 1, 2013

A Brother Asks: Affirming God's Presence

A Brother Asks: Where does Ritual affirm the presence of God?

Coach: Among many other places, Masonic Obligations affirm that the Presence of God is honored and acknowledged within the Lodge.

Brother: What does this do for the Brothers in attendance?

Coach: Hearing this stated each time a degree occurs, openly and without reservation or equivocation, is an awesome confirmation that all those members attending are professing through their actions that they are in the presence of  like minded, like hearted and like spirited Brothers.

Brother: What more does it do?

Coach: It affirms too that attending Brothers earnestly believe that God is part of Lodge activities, can't possibly not be present within the Lodge and is a powerfully active aspect within their lives.

All this makes the Lodge a very special place; truly a Sanctum Sanctorum!  Wouldn't you agree?

Brother: Yes.  I do!

Coach: This is also one of many reasons belief in God is required to join the Freemasonic Order.


Coach John S Nagy