Sunday, January 15, 2012

Building Perpends Release and Reviews

Building Perpends - 01/15/2012

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Volume 5 is now officially released. I have been given permission to post some reviews of my latest Masonic Education book, "Building Perpends - Uncommon Aphorisms for Uncommon Masonic Education - Volume 5" by dear Brothers.

Fraternally and Sincerely,

Bro. Coach N


Building Perpends - Uncommon Aphorisms for Uncommon Masonic Education - Volume 5 - Book Reviews

The first four books in Dr. Nagy’s, “Building” series, were “home runs.” This book, Volume 5, is a “Grand Slam.”

Departing from his accustomed “catechism” style of writing, book five offers up “bite sized pieces” that, in many instances, require considerable “chewing.” It has many of the usual unexpected “aha” moments, entertaining but irritating times when it strikes close to home and, with his unique phrasing, unexpected use of capital letters and “dipherent” spelling of Words, it keeps one constantly on the lookout for little nuggets tuned toward stirring deeper thoughts.

Just as in his previous books, there are several encoded messages generously sprinkled throughout it. In an unexpected move though, he has kindly included in this book a key for deciphering each of them.

Perhaps the most enlightening parts are the many “Points to Perpend” at the end of some sections. If any Mason would take the time to review and respond to them, he would certainly learn much about himself.

All and all, this is another great read by Dr. Nagy, who tirelessly shares his Light. Let us hope he continues to do so.

Sincerely and Fraternally

Bro. Sam Douglas


"Brother John S. Nagy's latest volume in the Building Series, Building Perpends, is another "Homerun" in the field of Masonry. This should be mandatory reading for all Masons. How much better would be the product that our Lodges put forth, if only the Brothers were being taught these wonderful Masonic Lessons. No true Mason should return to the quarries of life without this book in his tool box." -- Brother Luther "Chop" Bodiford III, 33 Degree, Secretary Florida Lodge of Research #999


"Dr. Nagy's newest book, "Building Perpends - Uncommon Aphorisms for Uncommon Masonic Education", is the fifth Volume in his "Building Builders Series of Masonic Education" books. It is an amazing read showing tremendous insights into the human condition. As an active Freemason for thirty years, I am humbled by my lack of knowledge pertaining to Masonry itself. For Freemasons, there are no secrets revealed. There are, however, many clues for you to discover and many allusions to research for your own betterment. I highly recommend "Building Perpends" for anyone searching for ways to improve one's Masonry and one's overall condition." -- Dale Thomas, 32 degree, P.M.