Monday, November 30, 2015

S.A.G. Recruits Masons


 Hollywood CA – In what has been characterized by international media as a “brilliant move on the part of the Screen Actors Guild”, the organization has started actively recruiting Freemasons and ex-freemasons alike to fill the roles left empty by aging actors.

Spokesman and SAG Recruiter Sheikh N. Gathermen was very excited by this most recent development strategy to fill their ranks.  He told the press, “I can’t believe we had not thought of this before”, he said with enthusiasm, “but with the publication of ‘The Craft Unmasked! last year, and all that it revealed about extensive Freemasonic training, it just made perfect sense to tap into an already available and developed resource!”

Another long time SAG member, Guy Trapp, was equally excited. “The fact that so many of them are unbelievably well-trained and want more gives me hope that we can plug them into our productions with little to no effort”, he raved, “and the best part is they’ll most likely support our efforts for nothing but a low-cost meal beforehand!” 
SAG Old timer Knute N. Mieday, who confessed that he has a lot of relatives in the Craft, was not so impressed by the news.  He had this to say, “Yeah, I read about their training.  Sure they learn to memorize a whole bunch of scripts and related choreography, they also learn how to put on a good show and they are definitely used to the drama", he smirked and continued, "but are they even aware that they're trained actors participating in role-playing?”  He shrugged and added, “Most of them don’t even know they’re putting on well-scripted morality plays.”
Mr. Gathermen wasn't detoured by any detractors and was quite pleased with the recruiting drive.  He was overflowing with enthusiasm as he told us about his efforts. “The best aspect about this drive is all we had to do is tell these guys that we where a 'guild'," he paused and used his fingers to quote the word while widening his eyes, "and that all they had to do is petition to join.  I swear we can’t keep enough petitions on hand to keep up with demands.”
For more information about petitioning this and other guilds, please contact a Recognized Local Freemasonic Facility.
Brother John S. Nagy


Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Brother Asks... Freemasonic Participation

A Brother Asks: What should I keep in mind as I participate in Freemasonry?
My Response: Freemasonry in and of itself is nothing more than an opportunity to Introduce men to Masonry -- It is a Door.

Those who don't give any thought to Freemasonry soon come to service an ungodly Door, never Passing beyond It, but Believing with all their heart that they have. The actions they take upon this Belief delay the Travels of many Brothers, sometimes indefinitely.  

It is the fault of only a handful men who practice Freemasonry without any thought of Masonry that cause the problems that plague our Craft today.

Those who have given Freemasonry any in depth thought soon come to Recognize and Understand that it is but an Introduction to Masonry... and it is their Responsibility to let others know that "the Door it Reveals is not the Passage itself".  

Masonry Requires Travel, and it is not external!


Brother John S. Nagy


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Raisings Suspended

Candidate Achmed Bonaparte
Expected to Recover

Dry Bones AZ – In an unexpected late evening press conference held outside the Arizona Grand Lodge Building this last Tuesday, a spokesman for the institution reported that all future Raisings have been suspended indefinitely.  When asked why, Grand Line Officer Will Squasher said new developments with the Fellow Craft union have brought to light the adverse effects of a new unsanctioned grip employed during that night’s Third Degree. 
When asked specifics about what occurred, Brother Squasher said, “It's not surprising.  Lately we’ve had some Ruffians not following our strict script guidelines for Degrees.  One small informally organized group conspired to change their group’s reputation by Raising the Candidate on the second attempt.” He grimaced and added, “Unfortunately, they actually succeeded this time but the results were just downright ugly.”

When pressed for further information, one witness of the Raising who asked for anonymity had this to say, “Oh Lord!"  He paused to compose himself, "My God it was terrible!  I’ve never seen the degree team zeal for authenticity and recognition taken this far.  The poor candidate had his flesh cleaved from his bones!” The Brother was visibly shaken, but continued, “Sure, the Fellow Crafts were able to pull him up prematurely, but the poor sot was nothing but skin and bones as a result.”

“We’ve suspected for some time now that the Fellow Crafts were planning something like this", grumbled Old Past Master Ian Mieday. "It’s totally off script and they know it.”  He added, “Had they only been patient and allowed us to stay on script, that poor candidate would not have had the shock of his life.” 

A Degree Team Organizer by the name of Brother Ceep M. Inlyne reported that the unfortunate candidate, Achmed Bonaparte, who was Raised earlier that evening was in stable condition and thought what occurred was actually part of the show. 
All present have agreed that further Fellow Craft Training was necessary and this should stave off any repeats of that evening’s performance.

Those wishing to contribute to the Candidate’s relief fund, please direct them toward your local Shiner’s Hospital.
Brother John S. Nagy


Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Brother Asks... Contributing & Indicating Attributes of Maturity & Success

A Brother Asks: What are Attributes that "Contribute to" and are "Indications of" both Maturity and

My Response: The answer is within Ritual. All that you have to do is Carefully Examine the Development Work that is Required during Apprenticeship that helps Transform Youths to Adulthood. If your Apprenticeship did not Entail the following Skill Development, it's a Clear Indication that you got Cheated and you were Mislead into Thinking that you had Matured enough to Progress.
  1. Proper Time Management (24 IG)
  2. Proper Judgment (Virtue, 7 LAs&Ss)
  3. Proper Impulse Control (Temperance)
  4. Proper Planning (Trestle-board, 7 LAs&Ss)
  5. Proper Organization (Trestle-board, 7 LAs&Ss)
  6. Proper Critical Thinking (Trestle-board, 7 LAs&Ss)
  7. Proper Responsibilities (Cable-Tow)
  8. Proper Accountabilities (Cable-Tow)
  9. Proper Morality (Plumb, Square, VoSL)
  10. Proper Standards and Boundaries (Compasses, Cable-Tow, VoSL)
  11. Proper Consideration and Civility (Level, Compasses, VoSL, Virtue)
  12. Integrity (Word)
They appear in no particular order and the list is not complete.

Here's a question back at ya: Have you truly Received Proper Support to Properly Mature?


Brother John S. Nagy


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Society Still Secret

Wonder Landings TX – In an unexpected press release issued today by several Freemasonic bodies from around the world, it was announced that the Organization, known as "The Society of Free & Accepted Masons", has continuously maintained its unblemished record of secrecy for nearly 300 years.

Secrecy Spokesman and Worldwide Public Relations Officer Brother Lew Kutus claimed, “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ve secretly invaded almost every community around the world with our patented stealth lodge technology.  We’ve cornered the market on secrecy and are masters in its application.”  He added, “When you see our proudly displayed buildings on the sides of roads, all lit up, signs a blazing, and empty parking lots, you’d never suspect for an instant there would be actual meetings going on in these buildings.”
He snickered and added excitedly, “But they’re going on monthly and people don’t even notice!  Not even most of our members!”

As many members and non-members will tell you that this organization, also known as “Those Secretive Freemasons”, has been a secret society ever since it was created back around 1717.  At that time, and ever since, it candidly proclaimed that its rich and varied history extending back in time to Knights Templar, Jerusalem, Egypt, Africa, Enoch, and even Adam himself.

“Frankly, not many secret organization can actually boast about maintaining secrecy like we can and not be taken as fools”, said Brother Ike N. Tellum.  “We’re hidden in plain sight and no one is the wiser.  We’re that good!”

Should you be interested in knowing more about this unbelievably well-kept secret and how to join it, simply type, “Grand Lodge Freemason” into any search engine and follow the links.
Respectfully Submitted,
Brother John S. Nagy

Monday, November 16, 2015

Craft Admits Ruffians in Fold

Clef Rock, Jerusalem – In an unprecedented press conference held today outside the gates of what is believed to be the Temple of Solomon, leaders of Freemasonic Orders from around the world gathered to make an announcement that finally confirms suspicions long held about the Craft.  The suspicion?  That Ruffians fill the Craft rosters and some are violent, impetuous rogues.

Conference Chairman Drew Belum explained, “We needed to come clean, confront this issue head on and keep hitting it until it goes away." He quickly chided, "They simply want what they want when they want it and if we dare even allude to their actually earning what they demand, watch out!”

When asked by one of the reporters at the scene whether the rumors were true, Spokesman Heesa Cowan said quite candidly, “Yup!  We have ‘em in our midst. They’ve been with us since before anyone can remember.  The worse thing is their impact.  We occasionally have to clean up after them, especially when they make demands that can’t be met.”  He looked uncomfortable and added, “It’s pretty embarrassing too.  Every time they go all uncircumscribed, we end up having to replace another leader.  Do you know the cost of replacing leaders these days?”

Some don’t think a laid-back Brotherly approach was the best way to deal with the problem though.  Sol Wisemen of the conference board of directors was quite adamant about it.  He had this to say, “We need stricter penalties for these inconsiderate and impatient unruly rogues.  It doesn’t matter that they’re in the Craft or for how long.  It only matters that we treat them accordingly, like the immature entitled brats they are.  I say let them be the architects of their own demise.”

It’s not a surprise to some though. Craft Observer Hyta Freemen, an old timer who claims to have seen it all, shared this, “None of this is new.  All ya hafta do is look at the Craft’s history.  It ain’t no secret neither.  It’s been known in Craft circles for some time now that Fellow Crafts have long had a tendency for wantin' rewards and titles before they earn 'em.  In fact, our own statistics clearly show that three out of fifteen of 'em will go so far as to do violence against instructors they believe can give 'em what they want.  That’s a whopping twenty percent!” 
Readers might ask themselves, "What exactly are Ruffians?"  When queried, Brother and Lodge officer Taylor Doormen energetically retorted this, “Unfortunately, they’re Craft members who want what they have not truly earned and who demand it to the point of being violent toward those who they believe can provide it.”

It was clear from the general mood of those in attendance that there was a need to Raise awareness of this issue within the Craft.
Bro. John S. Nagy

For more information about Ruffians and Ruffianoscopy, please contact a Local Freemasonic Lodge or pick up a convenient field guide like, “Building Ruffish” to learn more.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Brother Asks... What is Moral Law?

A Brother Asks: What is Moral Law?
My Response: From all that I've read about this, there exists but one Universal Moral Law and it has two entirely different ways of being stated so that its fullness can be understood by those who make effort to. It is: 
  1. One should treat all others as one would like all others to treat oneself.
  2. One should treat no one in any way that one would not like to treat oneself.
It is founded upon Civility, Consideration, Understanding, Respect and Tolerance, especially for Differences. It is found woven Universally into the Sacred Laws scattered to the four corners of Humanity.
Unfortunately, there exist hypocrites in positions of authority, both legitimate and illegitimate, who hang their hats upon the term "moral law" as an excuse to treat others hatefully and as less than. Those who support them are more culpable in that they are the ones who put these individuals in positions to do their bidding and do so deliberately to distance themselves from any accountability for their own hateful manners.
-- Coach John S Nagy

For more information on Moral Law, please refer to Building Boaz - Volume 2

Friday, November 6, 2015

A Brother Asks... Initiation and Mysteries

A Brother Asks: Is it required to be initiated to learn the mysteries?

My Response: Let's first make effort to firmly establish a few understandings of what is involved before the answer is put forth.
  1. Initiation as a "ceremony" has value only in the mind of the individual going through it.  It can be likened to a public commitment to a path, but it is not necessarily that. Initiation as a "new behavior" that indicates an individual is now fully engaged in something that is transforming him is wholly different then going through a ceremony, although engaging in that new behavior can be ceremonial.
  2. Learning is only Effective when Behavior has Changed that is Supportive of the Lessons Presented.  When behavior has not changed in line with the lessons, other than repeating back what one has been told to repeat back, learning has not occurred.
  3. The biggest problem with the word, "mystery" is that it initially meant "occupation", "trade" and "profession".  It did not, in this instance, mean "things that are only revealed to those initiated" or "hidden things".  Although, the word can be used in this manner, to use it to indicate the latter in this case is altogether misleading. 
  4. Once you get past all the twists and turns, you may come to realize that "one must Engage in the Work to become Transformed".  This engagement can occur with or without the support of others, as has been proven so many times throughout recorded history by those who have brought forth things and ideas in our cultures that were not evident to the masses before.
Coming back to the original question, the answer is "No".  But you'll be hard-pressed to hear this from the hoards...
  1. who are convinced otherwise, or
  2. who have a vested interest in having you believe otherwise. 
That being said, there are plenty of initiatic societies that offer experiences that they claim to be transformative.  I refer you to Item 2 on the above list as your rule and guide to measure the success of your engagements in these matters.


Brother John S. Nagy

PS - To read up more about this topic, please refer to the Building Series of Uncommon Masonic Education books and dvds. You can find them here:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Membership Decline Linked to Climate Change

Satyre Point, FL – In an unprecedented scientific study of the Craft, Masonic Scientists have concluded that Climate Change is the cause of declining membership worldwide.   Masonic experts from diverse fields came together recently for a Masonic Summit organized with the intent to discuss the epidemic problem that has plagued the Society for over half a century.

Figure 1 - Data Correlations

Summit spokesman, Brother Sol Speaks, was interviewed during the stormy summit and had these comments to share.  “Since 1959, it is quite clear from the collected data, the Craft has been losing more members than it can bring in.”  He goes on to say that “Up until now, the reasons behind this decline that were provided by some well-intentioned ad hoc committees actually misled the Craft in making efforts to combat the losses.”  
And Sol has good reason to say this. “We’ve mistakenly focused on making things easier to join and to remain members.  Lessening entrance requirements, one-day-classes, and reduced proficiencies were tried.  The results were catastrophic!  Not only were these counter-productive, but they actually undermined what we needed to continue.” (see Figure 1 - Data Correlations)
One of the adjunct consultants hired by Summit organizers, meteorologist Heather Curl, had this to add.  “When you run the numbers, it becomes obvious from the plotted data that the rise in greenhouse gases coincides with the information on membership losses.  Without question, the overlaid charts show a continuous and startling correlation between the two.”

Another Craft member, G.I. Tract Specialist and contributing summit speaker, Brother Colin Bleau, furthered the insights into contributing factors.  “We’ve actually caused it ourselves.  The sheer volume of greenhouse gasses generated by our well-known chili cook off fund raisers and baked bean style dinners far exceeds anything with which the government has instruments to monitor.  They can’t even begin to calculate the carbon footprint that any one specific lodge contributes.”  The specialist looked uncomfortable but continued, “And therein lies part of the problem.  We can’t get funding for proper instrumentation to properly prepare our investigation committees without having more cook offs.” 
It was Brother Brad Scent that offered  final committee recommendations at the end of the summit that most upset many within the body of attending Brothers.  “We must immediately tighten the emissions requirements for incoming Brothers.  This is undoubtedly a good but difficult start, at least until this specific contributing factor is contained.”  He added, “In the meantime, we recommend that all lodges immediately convert to using open flame tapers within lodge to help counteract and stabilize the overwhelming emissions of greenhouse gasses from already well-established members.  We’re hoping this will lower the carbon footprint of each lodge overall.” 

And before he shared the following, he took a deep breath and leaked this other insight under low breath. “We’re also hoping this will be a positive change for our current membership and those who wish to come back into the organization.  You can expect membership decline to stabilize and potentially reverse once the climate changes within each Lodge stop shifting so dramatically from moment to moment.”
Some upset attending members where heard to say, “This truly stinks.  It's not how we handled it in my year.”  Although clearly within earshot, no overheard complaining Brother wanted to be quoted for the record or offer better solutions.

Those interested in helping support this initiative or who find themselves fuming over this issue are asked to contact Brother Cainem Realwell on what you can further do to more effectively deal with this growing concern.
Respectfully, Fraternally and Sincerely (with deepest apologies to that Past Bastard who inspired all this folly),
Coach John S. Nagy



Monday, November 2, 2015

A Brother Asks... Who was the Widow?

A Brother Asks: I know who the widows son is, but who's the widow?

My Response: Like so many other things that are presented to us in Allegorical form, it, "The Widow" to whom the son is connected, is not a who; it is a what.

Brother: Please explain.

Coach: Sure. When you know to what it is that the "Widow" is referring, it also tells you what you need to focus upon to become its offspring.

Brother: To what is "Widow" referring?

Coach: Good question!  Should you want to pursue this in depth, I recommend you look at the intimate connection between the words "Winnow" and "Widow".

Brother: Okay...

Coach: Afterward ask yourself, what widowing are you required to do through your Masonic Journey from Profane to Mastery and what must you actively participate in to achieve that Mastery?

Brother: Does the widow symbolise our separation of the material world to that of the spiritual Father?

Coach: I guess this all depends upon how you desire to see it. In the paradigm I present here and hold to, we have both Wheat and Chaff in our lives - symbolized by the threshing-floor of Ornan. It is through our choices, decisions and subsequent actions that we divest ourselves accordingly. In the case of Freemasonry, we divest ourselves though the Masonic Work that Freemasonic Ritual and Process offers to us. I know of at least 4 fundamental life changing divestitures that it offers. What do you think those divestitures are?

Brother: As widow's son do we symbolise our human physical nature?

Coach: If we are to be called a "Widow's Son", according the Freemasonic paradigm offered through its Ritual and Process, we are the offspring of the separation process! But not before hand.

Brother: Are we bound to the mother (creation / material / earth) after the symbolic 'Fall' of mankind?

Coach: Only if you believe that this paradigm applies to you and you wish to embrace and live it. There are other paradigms one can live that do not include this paradigm. Some actually believe the fall alluded to in your question was not a fall at all and was actually a necessary step toward adulthood.

BTW - Winnowing and Threshing clues can be found upon the threshing-floor.  You might find it enlightening to explore.


Brother John S. Nagy