Saturday, May 29, 2010

Building Athens - The Delivery!

Building Athens - 5/29/2010

Hellow Fellow Travelers!

The book shipment arrived yesterday at 3:00PM ET. I am the proud father of a Bouncing baby book. I'm very tempted to refer to the new arrival as a "she" since the name reflects "Athena." (Let me know your thoughts on this; as in, Hiram and Boaz have a baby sister...)

I spent the latter part of my evening hours yesterday signing (sometimes noting), packaging the pre-ordered books and addressing them to the various Brothers and others who supported me in getting this book to press.   As of this moment, I packed up a total of 88 books for shipment today.

I am whelmed looking at the support, encouragement and trust that my Brothers have invested in my direction.

I'm speechless, (so I write. )

Some things you might find interesting about the relationship between the "Uncommon Catachism for Uncommom Masonic Education" Family members:

Building Athens is focused upon the Work of the FC.
  • It places special emphasis upon the benefits of this Work, the Work required to adjust the Perfect Ashlar to prepare it for Raising and how critical it is that Masons do it to help Raise them toward Mastery.
  • It has 42,773 words with 65 illustrations and over 40 encryptions (in a variety of Forms...).
  • This makes Building Athens19% more verbose than Building Boaz and 38% more verbose than Building Hiram.
  • There were fewer illustrations this time due to the overwhelming amount of words. 
  • There are 1438 I/R pairs in this book.  That's an average of 119 per chapter.
Building Boaz is focused upon the Work of the EA.
  • It places special emphasis upon transforming the Rough Ashlar into the Perfect Ashlar.
  • It has 35,825 words with 80 illustrations and quite a few (simpler) encryptions.
  • This makes Building Boaz 38% more verbose than Building Hiram.
  • There are 1267 I/R pairs in this book. That's an average of 106 per chapter.
Building Hiram is focused upon the connections between the three Blue Lodge Degrees.

  • It places special emphasis upon Integrity and the benefits reaped for being true to one's Word.
  • It has 31,077 words with 80 illustrations and quite a few (more complicated) encryptions.
  • There's more but I want to make a run to the post office before it closes for the day.
  • There are 1103 I/R pairs in this book. That's an average of 92 per chapter.
Thank you Brothers. Your encouragment helped make this effort possible.


Brother Coach N

Monday, May 24, 2010

Building Athens - The Quickening

Building Athens - 5/24/2010

Hello Fellow Travelers!

I sent the corrected proof copy of Building Athens to the printer last evening.  This is it!  The button is now pressed and I'm told that the first print run will occur this week. 

That means Building Athens will be ready for shipping on Friday after 3pm.

The excitement is almost overwhelming!


Brother Coach N

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Building Athens - The Proof!

Building Athens - 5/22/2010

Hello Fellow Travelers!

I've just combing through the proof copy privided to me by my printer for what seems to be the 300th or so time and found a few extra question marks and period marks that appeared in wrong lines. ARG!  Perfecting comes at a price.

Here's an interesting statistic to share: I counted 1438 I:/R: pairs in this volume. That means that there is an average of about 119 or more I:/R: pairs per chapter. Yikes!
Brother Coach N

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Building Athens Scavenger Hunt and Symbolic Challenge

Building Hiram - 05/20/10

Hello Fellow Travelers!

33 Questions and Challenges for “Just Passed” Masons to Explore, Perpend and Respond to...

(Based upon the book: Building Athens – Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education – Volume 3 by Dr. John S. Nagy)

The Work of a Passed Mason does not end with his Passing and proficiency. If he did his Work well, he should be able to understand the source and purpose of that Work.

Below are questions designed to assist him toward that end.
  1. Entered Apprentice Masons Work upon what type of Ashlar? Show this symbolically.
  2. Fellow Craft Masons Work upon what type of Ashlar? Show this symbolically.
  3. What should Fellow Craft Masons have developed prior to being Passed? Show this symbolically.
  4. Where may the cradle of “Western Civilization” be found? Show this symbolically.
  5. What Athenian writing discusses City-State Governance, who wrote it and how does it relate to Masonic development? Show this symbolically.
  6. What training did “Guardians” and “Philosopher-Kings” receive and how do each relate to Masonic development? Show this symbolically.
  7. Who is the Athenian Widow’s Son? Show this symbolically.
  8. What is “the divided line” and how is it represented? Show this symbolically.
  9. What Raises a Mason’s ability to Work with Symbols? Show this symbolically.
  10. What one specific skill development do Fellow Craft Masons Work upon that Raises their ability to Work with Symbols? Show this symbolically.
  11. What do the words “Trivium” and “Quadrivium” mean and to what do they refer? Show this symbolically.
  12. What does the word “Scholasticism” mean and what was the primary reason for its use in medieval schooling? Show this symbolically.
  13. Describe the difference between “Symbols” and “what they represent.” Show this symbolically.
  14. Describe idolatry and its affect upon Symbol understanding, use and Work. Show this symbolically.
  15. What well-known author warned others of specific types of “Idols?” Show this symbolically.
  16. Describe the concept of “The Pass” as it relates to Masonic Development and how does it relate to the Checkered Pavement? Show this symbolically.
  17. What Hebrew word symbolizes “plenty”, what Hebrew word symbolizes “burden” and how are these two words both related and dissimilar? Show this symbolically.
  18. What brings Order to Chaos? Show this symbolically.
  19. What areas of the brain are focused upon during Entered Apprentice Work? Show this symbolically.
  20. What areas of the brain are focused upon during Fellow Craft Work? Show this symbolically.
  21. Identify the specific areas of the brain that each Liberal Art and Science develops. Show this symbolically.
  22. Studying Grammar develops what skills in Masons? Show this symbolically.
  23. Traditionally, how are Logical statements constructed? Show this symbolically.
  24. What do Masons have to be mindful of when dealing with Flawless Logic? Show this symbolically.
  25. What are Rhetorical Stratagems and Canons and how do they support Rhetorical purpose?
  26. What are the four fundamental operators of Arithmetic and how are they related functionally? Show this symbolically.
  27. How are Rhetoric, Music and Geometry related and what is their collective primary goal? Create a symbolically analogy showing how each relates to the other.
  28. How does the study of Rhetoric, Music and Geometry support understanding of Astronomy? Show this symbolically.
  29. Once FC Masons study the Trivium, what should they be able to do? Show this symbolically.
  30. Once FC Masons study the Quadrivium, what should they be able to do? Show this symbolically.
  31. In traditional Guilds, what was another word used for “Fellow Craft” and what did this word mean? Show this symbolically.
  32. Traditionally, what wages could Entered Apprentice Masons, Fellow Craft Masons and Master Masons expect? Show this symbolically.
  33. In traditional Guilds, at what point in a Fellow Craft’s life would he be accepted into a Guild and be considered a Master? Show this symbolically.

Brother Coach N.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Building Athens!

Building Hiram - 5/15/10

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Building Hiram and Building Boaz are awaiting the arrival of their sibling Building Athens.

Here's a look at the inside Table of Contents.

If there is further interest, please check out the link.


Brother Coach N.