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The Lost Master’s Word Acid Test

Good Day My Fellow Travelers,

Here's an article published in August 2013 that might be of interest to you. 

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Bro. John S. Nagy

The Lost Master’s Word Acid Test[i]


“An acid test is any qualitative chemical or metallurgical assay which uses acid; most commonly, and historically, the use of a strong acid to distinguish gold from base metals. Figuratively, acid test is any definitive test for some attribute, e.g. of a person's character, or of the performance of some product.”[ii]


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I admit it.  I had no clue that some special “Master’s Word[iii]” existed until after I got hit by the Third Degree.  Prior to that moment, you could have talked circles around me on the subject and I would not have had any idea what you were talking about.  It simply was not on my radar and furthermore, I had no interest in such things.  Or, so I thought.

After my Third Degree “experience”, I was left with an irritating reminder that something vital was missing from my life and that no Substitute for the real thing would suffice.

As you might already know, just like countless others before me, I have our dear Brothers to thank for implanting this nagging memento in both my head and my heart.  I’ve not sought any revenge upon them for their questionable deed, even though their actions have caused me to consume far too much of my time seeking it.

That being said, I can say that vengeance is sometimes taken in unsuspected benevolent ways.  My quest for The Word has lead me to create an Acid Test, much like those used in days of old, to determine if I have the real thing, or some inferior Substitute.   My vengeance perhaps is putting back upon my Brothers’ shoulders this Acid Test so that they can determine whether they have found what was Lost too.

Falling back upon an old tried and true method for learning, I have opted to create this Acid test in an easy to understand Catechism form.  If you earnestly and truly Believe that you have found “The Lost Master’s Word”, a.k.a. “The Word”, try applying this Acid Test for yourself.  Use it to Perpend and come to your own conclusions.  I know I have!

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 I: Does The Word exist or is it merely a metaphor for an unattainable but approachable ideal that should be strived for?
R: It does in deed exist and It is something that anyone who seeks Mastery should strive for, even when it is believed that such Mastery is unattainable, but only when you want Better.


 I: Is The Word that you are offered effable?
R: Effable means “that something can be described using words”.  If you say, “Yes”, to this question, then what you have is not The Word.   Without any doubt whatsoever, The Word is indeed ineffable.  Anyone telling you otherwise, should be cautiously backed away from. 

 I: What does Ineffable mean?
R: The word, “ineffable” is an adjective.  Adjectives modify nouns.  In the case of The Word, ineffable is used to describe this specific word.  Ironically, the very description of The Word, denotes that it cannot be described.  It is too great or extreme to be expressed, uttered or described in words.  It is unspeakable, unwritable, inexpressible through words, unutterable and nameless.

I:  Is The Word unspeakable, unwritable or inexpressible because of an agreed upon promise not to do so?
R:  No.  This is a common mistake that many Word seekers come to as a result of misunderstanding It.  Ineffable doesn’t mean you won’t speak or write It because of a choice not to; it means you can’t express, speak or write It using words because it’s impossible to do so.

 I: What must be Present for The Word to Manifest?
R: The most common response to this question is: The Three.

 I: What’s another word for “Manifest” when discussing The Word?
R: Another word for “Manifest” when discussing The Word is “found”.

 I: Can The Word be revealed without the presence of The Three?
R: It cannot. 

 I: Can you name those Three?
R: Yes.  Furthermore, any Masterful Mason can.

 I: Are The Three specific people?
R: No.  The Three are definitely not specific people.

 I:  What then are The Three?
R:  They are Represented Symbolically as the Three Principle Supports of the Symbolic Blue Lodge.

 I:  Why must The Three Agree?
R: Because The Word is based upon their Agreement, of which It cannot exist otherwise.

 I:  If The Three must be Present and all Three must Agree, how is it that any one person can know what It is and reveal It?
R:  When The Three are present within that person and The Three are in Agreement, The Word exists in everything that person is and does.

 I:  How does The Word Empower someone to Travel, Work, Earn and Contribute Masterfully?
R:  Empowerment occurs when people can take action.  The Word Empowers individuals to take actions which others cannot take.  Furthermore, The Word brings forth superior choices, actions and behavior which in turn produces superior outcomes, results and consequences.  The Word exemplifies Mastery and hence is Masterful.

 I:  Does the Empowerment The Word provides to Travel, Work, Earn and Contribute Masterfully have to do with other Brothers, or Masterful Skills?
R:  The Empowerment The Word provides to Travel, Work, Earn and Contribute Masterfully is independent of other Brothers.  It is solely dependent upon Masterful Skills and the ability to employ those skills Masterfully.

 I:  Can The Word be handed over to other people so that they may use The Word or must The Word be developed within those people for The Word to be Rendered by them?
R:  The Word exists not as any article that can be handed over from one person to another.  It exists solely as specific Masterfully developed skills that temper one’s abilities to see, to say and to do – Masterfully.

 I:  When The Word is Revealed, can others Recognize It, even when they are not Brothers?
R:  Yes.  The Word is the Embodiment of Mastery and hence all who recognize Mastery, whether Brother or Profane, recognize The Word.

 I:  How do the Orders of Architecture Reveal The Word’s development and ultimate Use?
R:  They show the path to Mastery for those who know how to configure them as a map of Masonic Progression.

 I:  What Proscriptions exist against Revealing The Word?
R:  There exists no Proscription against revealing The Word whatsoever. If anything, it is hoped by Masters that more people would develop The Word within themselves so that the world would become a Bettered place.

 I:  What must any person Be to Reveal The Word?
R:  The person must Be Truth Incarnate. 

 Points to Perpend:

1)  What actions have you taken to find The Word for yourself?

2)  How successful have you been, so far?

3)  What must you do further?
4)  What must you Be further?

[i] Inspired by “The Lost Word” fromBuilding Hiram – Volume 1 and
“The Master’s Word” from Building Janus – Volume 4 by Dr. John S. Nagy
[iii] “The MASTER'S WORD * * * is the reward of study and devotion, and has never been obtained on any other terms. It has never been conferred in the ritualistic degrees of the Lodge, and never will or can be. It is the establishment of understanding in the Soul of man between that higher self in him, and the MORE and Beyond Self from which he draws his life, and from which his intuitions spring. This is the Real Initiation: At-One-Ment.” (Mystic Masonry; J. Buck.)


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