Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Craft Perfected! A Third Review!

From the beginning of his Building series, Brother John S. Nagy has set out to explain the Craft of Masonry. He has explained the use of symbols, catechisms, and even the organization and progressive science itself. This has continued throughout his Buildingseries, as well as within a couple of other books that are only indirectly associated with the series. 

The Craft Perfected,” or as I like to think of it as “Building Perfect,” finally tackles the subject of perfection within the hearts and minds of all Craft Masons. Misconceptions within the proper use of grammar within our Masonic Ritual are all over the place. 

Brother Nagy not only explains their proper use, but also why specific words are chosen to help direct all Masons in the right direction. To that of a state of “Perfect.” 

But “perfect” may not mean exactly what you think it means. 

Because I had assumed I understood all of these concepts from the beginning, I found myself quite intrigued by the way the progression unfolded throughout the book. 
Every subject and concept that was discussed ended up leading into the next, ultimately creating symbolic “perfect ashlars” for my house, each step of the way. I have always found myself more interested in the esoteric and philosophical side of Masonry. In my opinion, the focal point of all Masons is to makegood men better,” to coin the phrase. 

This book not only assists in that venture, but illustrates a pathway that can easily be followed. Any Mason can pick up this book and benefit from the instructions and explanations within. Brother Nagy not only includes a map, and a compass through this territory, but provides a checklist to assist with understanding how you found your way. If you are ever looking to Complete Your Foundation,then look no further.

-- Brother Nick Adair

(You can order it here: The Craft Perfected! )