Saturday, October 8, 2016

A Brother Asks... More Occupied Seats?

A Brother Asks: How can I help to get more brothers in the seats?

My Response: To do this, your lodge must do what far too many American lodges across the country refuse to do...  require attendance or lose membership.  

Along with this, you must also divest your lodge of many of the American trappings that plague them and adopt the disciplines that many early lodges had.

What are American trappings?
  1. burdening operating budgets centered around unnecessary property ownership that brings no positive return on investment
  2. large membership roles that deflate dues and reduce relationship value
  3. non-attendance/non-participation rules that maintains membership
  4. more than quarterly meetings with a high proportion of them organization centric
  5. meetings that have no true relevance to life outside the lodge or member enrichment
  6. no true educational programs outside of those with an organizational focus
  7. reduced waiting times and minimal criteria to join which do not enhance the value of the lodge
  8. degree dates and schedules that coddle prospects and candidates
  9. mind-numbingly quick progressions with no truly challenging or relevant proficiencies that reflect degree themes
  10. casual attitudes toward the lodge and its true mission and purpose
... shall I go on?


Brother John S Nagy