Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Building Janus – Scavenger Hunt

Building Janus - 01/18/2011

Hello Fellow Travelers!

I've worked long and hard on this last volume and, as always, I've Built a list of questions in the form of a Scavenger Hunt.  They are answered by already available Light or by reading the chapters within my latest volume: Building Janus - Uncommon Catechism for Uncommon Masonic Education - Volume 4.  I hope you find them interesting.
  1. What is the true purpose behind Catechisms and how is this purpose sabotaged by mechanistic application?
  2. What is a “Bourne,” what Bounes are alluded to by Masonic activities and what are Masons directed toward that helps them identify and deal with these Bournes?
  3. How do the words "Winnow" and "Widow" relate?
  4. What did the word, “Speculation” mean at the beginning of the Grand Lodge era?
  5. What is the Work of the first Degree and what Order does it create within Masons who complete it.
  6. What are three symbolically doors that the Masonic Square and Compasses represent?
  7. How many “Foreign Paths” does Masonry offer through its Blue Lodge activities?
  8. What is the primary Working Tool of Master Masons?
  9. To what concepts does the phrase” House not made by hands” Allude?
  10. How do the Blue Lodge Grasps relate to Plato’s “Cave” Allegory?
  11. What important alchemical symbol is represented by an Apron with the flap turned down?
  12. What activities are Masters responsible for as they relate to the symbolism of Lions?
  13. What is the root of the word “Widow?”
  14. What “college” is believed by some to have been a catalyst for “Speculative” Masonry’s Formation?
  15. To what does the Masonic Trowel spread to help create a "solid comprehension?"
  16. Why was the Third Degree Legend added to Ritual?
  17. What does the game “Bridge” have in common with Masons who do not complete the Work that Ritual refers to within the first two Degrees?
  18. What three symbols offered collectively during the First Degree Allude to Metal Craft?
  19. What is the Work of the second Degree and what Order does it create within Masons who complete it.
  20. What variations of the “Points of Fellowship” have occurred over the years?
  21. In what Western period was the Masonic “Grand Lodge Era” started?
  22. What symbolic metallurgic processes are Masters involved in while mentoring?
  23. What Threshing-floor activities are Masons expected to accomplish as it relates to the title “The Widow’s Son.”
  24. How did early Speculative Lodge Members do to engage their members and “sharpen” their Brothers?
  25. What types of Ashlars help to create a solid comprehension?
  26. What purpose did the addition of the Ruffians serve as it relates to Masonic Quality Control?
  27. What do Master Masons “draw out” from Rough and Perfect Ashlars if they do as Ritual directs?
  28. What Characteristics will contribute to bright, intelligent and outstanding members becoming bored with Masonic instruction and interaction?
  29. How do “Perpend Ashlars” and “Pontiff Activities” symbolically help Masters do their Work?
  30. What does “Janus” have to do with Masonic Progress?
  31. What is the Work of the Third Degree and what Order within a Mason does it confirm?
  32. What must be present for bright, intelligent and outstanding members to remain engaged in what Speculative Lodges have to offer?
  33. What title(s) is(are) related to Brothers who have a) “Sharpened their ability to Sharpen,” b) “Separated themselves as Ritual Directs,” and c) “been exalted and have Masonic students?”
Fraternally and Sincerely,

Bro. Coach N