Monday, July 6, 2015

A Brother Asks... Freethought and Education

A Brother Asks: Do you think that freemasonry today promotes freethinking and educates its members in order to enlighten them?

My Response: From what I can tell, the Organizational Structures Supporting Freemasonic Activities and in turn, Freemasonic Education, do everything possible to quell Freethinking and to hinder the Establishment of any Meaningful and Nurturing Educational System, as it relates to Freemasonic Activities.

That being said, it never was, is not, and never will be Freemasonry's job to promote Freethinking and Education within Grand Lodge systems; it is only intended to let men know that such things do exist and can and should be sought. So in this respect, it does exactly what it is intended to do - introduce men to such concepts and encourage them to seek them out, on their own!

Problems do arise though due to too many of the membership either believing that Freemasonry fulfills these purposes in total (even though it doesn't even begin to) or they use this misbelief as an excuse to dismiss any efforts by those who want more than what Freemasonry can and does provide; this happens all too often.

The truth is it is and shall always be your own fault if you do not find Suitable outlets for Free-thought and Further Light Education in your life. Freemasonry is not structured to provide these and its structure should not be tampered with in any way.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue these things with Brothers who want the same.   Just do it outside of Lodge when you do or you might be the target of Ruffians who want things to remain the same.

One last point: When you have your manhood intact, you'll go to any lengths to obtain Further Light; you know TRAVEL FREELY!!   So, if you want more, man up and act accordingly!


Brother John S. Nagy