Monday, March 31, 2014

A Brother Asks... What does Freeborn mean?

A Brother Asks:  Does the word "freeborn" mean "not born a slave"?

My Response: No.  It most certainly does not mean that and it never did.  But there are some extremely ignorant people in the world who would like others to believe this rubbish and perhaps for immoral purposes.

Brother:  But doesn't the word "Freeborn" mean "Born Free"? 
Coach: No.  It does not and never did.

Brother: Please, explain this!

Coach: The word "Freeborn" was originally used to explain the phrase "Able of Birth" and it had nothing to do with Slavery or Bondage. That was covered by the term "bondman" and "bondsman".

Brother: Huh?  Then what does it have to do with?

Coach: It had everything to do with being "Superior or Excellent Stock" at birth.

Brother: What does that mean?

Coach: Its true meaning? 

Brother: Yes!

Coach: The word "Freeborn", and its variations "Free-Born" and "Free Born", all originally meant "excellent or superior birth" and referred to a person being of "superior breeding" and hence great potential.

Brother: That's it?

Coach: No, it is often thought this meant "royalty" or "nobility" only, but it is not limited to this meaning.

Brother: How so?

Coach: Context is everything! And in this case, especially when the context of the original manuscripts using the word "freeborn" as it referenced the stock it should accept into Stonecraft organizations were trying to use the term to explain "Able of Birth".

Brother: Stock?

Coach: Yes!  It is anyone born who is believed to be "superior or excellent stock" at birth.

Brother: Wow!  I can see how such character is exactly what members would want in their candidates.

Coach: Exactly!  Okay, so now that you know this, how are you going to proceed with this information? Please do tell!


Brother John S. Nagy

SOURCE: Chapter VII "Able" from "Building Free Men - Uncommonly Freeing Masonic Education - Volume 8", found here:
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