Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Being Recognized, Acknowledged & Approved for Masonic Education Use

My Craft Brothers All,

While finishing up my first official "Building Better Builders Workshop" for the Boynton Beach Esoteric Research Group back on October 1, 2011, I was asked by one thoughtful member of the fraternity whether any of the materials I shared during that four hour workshop was recognized, acknowledged & approved by any Grand Lodge or if the materials offered merely my interpretations of Ritual. 

I took great pains to express to him at that time, and rightfully so, that what I shared within my books and Workshops was based upon extensive research, that it was a strongly backed view and not just an interpretation, and that it was not approved by any Grand Lodge body. Over the years, I shared that situation and supporting information countless times at every single workshop I was blessed to be invited to present and within the materials I published for use as Masonic Education. 

During the years that followed, those original published books expanded to thirteen and that workshop expanded to six hours, due to additions brought about by further research.  While all this  was going on, I have had many Grand Lodges either purchase and distribute my books to their lodges and to members during my workshops or allowed such purchases to be done openly and without any interference or objections by them or their Grand Lodge officers.  I've had many times were I shared my materials at Grand Lodge Communications, and other sponsored events, as a keynote speaker and presented my materials at their break out sessions. I've even had whole chapters of my books, sometimes more than one, provided to Grand Lodge members through their sanctioned research society publications.  I've even been recognized for my contributions by one Grand Lodge for "Excellence in Masonic Education". 

None of these situations required a direct statement from a Grand Lodge where they overtly recognized, acknowledged & approved my materials for use within their jurisdiction. 

So, I have maintained from day one that my materials have yet to be recognized, acknowledged and approved by any Grand Lodge for use as Masonic Education within their lodges and you'll see statements in my published books attesting to this fact.

However, on September 15, 2018, while presenting a six hour Building Better Builders Workshop sponsored by the Grand Lodge of New Jersey, I was approached by a well-respected and well-loved and Masonic Education dedicated Grand Master in attendance who asked me the following question:

Brother Nagy, did I hear you correctly that there has not yet been one Grand Lodge who has recognized, acknowledged and approved your materials for use as Masonic Education in their jurisdiction?

I was a bit shocked by the question. It never occurred to me that he might ask this question.  It had been "business as usual" for so long that I didn't think I'd be asked about approval ever again. 

Unfortunately, I had to reply to him, "Yes".  As much as I have had my materials purchased by Grand Lodges for distribution, have spoken at Grand Lodges where I presented my materials, and was even recognized for my Masonic Education contributions, I cannot say that there has yet been one Grand Lodge who has recognized, acknowledged & approved my collective materials for use in their Masonic Education efforts.

His next response to my statement was completely unexpected.  He said that this situation would change this day.  He continued to convey that he was recognizing, acknowledging & approving my materials for use in the lodges throughout the Grand Lodge of New Jersey.  He added that he was making this very announcement at the Table Lodge that night and he was going to provide to me a signed letter backing this up for me to share with anyone who is willing to read it.

I was near tears with joy.  I could have only imagined the look on my face.  I was near speechless, which if you know me is a difficult condition to create. I've been so focused over the years upon making my books and my workshops the best they could be, that I had never given any thought to the materials being recognized, acknowledged & approved  by any Grand Lodge. I simply never dreamed that it would occur.

Yet, here I was, with the Grand Master of New Jersey, hearing that this was now a fact.  And, with letter in hand, it is now history.

My good friend and Brother MW Roger B Quintana has kindly provided to me that letter and I proudly share it with my friends and Brothers here today.

I also share a most bodacious "thank you" to Most Worshipful Roger!  Your kindness, thoughtfulness and dedication to the Craft overwhelms me!

New Jersey certainly has a special man and Brother at the helm. 

Fraternally and Sincerely your Brother,



Here are the current US states that have had my BBB Workshops and/or Approved my materials for use in their Masonic Education efforts.

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