Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Freemasonic Discovery List (so far…)

The List


I was reminded today of the rich path on which I have been blessed with since 2001.  Much of my work since that time has been Freemasonic Forensic based.  Unlike many who join this wonderful organization, I came upon the Freemasonic scene and recognized fairly quickly that there were many mysteries to be solved and not one person to do the necessary Work to sort it out. 

I’ve started to reflect upon some of the more “major” finds I have shared and have started listing them below - in no particular order - things that were never answered to my satisfaction and whose explanations, offered by well meaning members, that were offered in the past simply didn't hold up - until I did my own research. 
Looking upon the list, I am grateful that I had not sat idle in my activities or stop when someone offered something that was only conjecture offered as fact.
I've chosen to share it. Why?  Because I know there are other Brothers seeking the Light I sought and if any of these things listed herein are of interest, they know that someone has traveled down that path and has published the associated research.

1) The Master’s Word
a. The metaphor behind it
b. Why it’s ineffable
c. How to manifest it
d. Why it is impossible for it to be handed over from one man to another

2) The Substitute Word
a. What it means
b. What it conveys
c. What language it is still being spoken in
d. It’s various spellings
e. Where it comes from
f. Who was/is likely to use it and when

3) Cowans
a. They are not pretenders
b. They were members of lodges
c. They did apprentice under masters
d. From where the word came
e. What the word actually means
f. Why the word is used in a truncated form when applied to Masons
g. What is missed most by Tylers and WMs when making effort to keep them off 

4) Cement
a. Where the materials can be found within Ritual
b. How to make it operatively
c.  How to make it speculatively

5) Ruffians

a. The various symbolisms behind their names
b. What their names actually mean and from what language they come
c. How to spot them
d. How to handle them
e. The fourth Ruffian[1]

6) Ritual
a. What Apprentice Work Transforms Youths to Adult
b. What Fellow Craft Work Prepares Adults for Age
c. The basis for Ritual based morality play
d. Hidden codes, meaning and allusions within ritual that far too many members don't see
e. What the flanked circumpunct capped with the VoSL actually means and where this symbol is found acted out within ritual
f. Which leg of the Compasses should be lifted first, if it were to be consistent with the Work pointed toward by Ritual
g. Where and how the Stewards' cooping during the obligation should occur and why
h. Six specific things the S&Cs represent symbolically
i. To what working tools the due guard refer
j. Two entirely different things to what "perpendicular parallel "refers
k. How the EA and FC Work transforms the brain
l. Why studying the 7 LAs&Ss improves your ability to understand your VoSL
m. The fantastic connection between the circumpunct and the name of the first person to practice what Freemasons practice. 

7) Freemasonry 

a. What the Words “Free & Accepted” mean and how their use came into being
b. The roots of the words “Freeborn”, “Freestone”, “Freemason”, “Perfect”, “Mystery; Mastery” and “Accepted; Made” and what they meant originally as   opposed to what is commonly accepted today.
c. Why all the medieval guilds used the prefix “Free” and why it could not possibly be for the reasons most provide
d. What the Freemasonic organization actually does as opposed to what members are told it does.
e. Who was the first recorded Westerner to practice what Freemasons practice
f. Why there is so much inconsistency in Freemasonic lore, practice, and history and how to reconcile it.
g. The major and minor differences between "Free Masonry" and "Freemasonry"
8. Goats
                   a. Where goat is present in Ritual
                   b. To what the goat is actually referring

If you have experienced my materials and want me to add something to the list something which you found within my works, please let me know and I’ll update it as soon as possible – and even include your name as a thanks! 


Bro. Nagy


[1] Thanks for the Reminder Bro. Scott Hall!