Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Brother Asks... Making Good Men Better

A Brother Asks: How does mastering ritual make good men better?

Response: It doesn't. It no more makes good men better than mastering any other map.
It is only by recognizing, understanding and applying it toward the territory it represents that you become better, and only if you do so with the intent and methods of betterment. Otherwise, it just sits on the bookshelf of your mind, collecting dust, being eaten by the mind's silverfish or worse, rotting.

Pointing to it, pulling it out and waving it in the faces of others, or worse, boasting about how well you have preserved it without using it to travel within its alluded to territory, is the ultimate insult to its creation.

Ritual Mastery does not make you Better; Suitably and Appropriately Applying it toward your life does.

IN OTHER WORDS: There Is No Transformation for The Better Without Work That Transforms for The Better! Mastering Ritual is only Installing the Map, but is it not the Work that Occurs to Follow It!!
Brother John S. Nagy

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Unknown said...

I have always questioned the phrase "we take good men and MAKE them better". It is my belief that Freemasonry cannot MAKE anyone anything that they do not choose to be. If each Brother would only take your words to heart what a difference it would make to the individual and to our great Fraternity. thanks Bro John.