Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Brother Asks: Buying into the Fantasy

A Brother Asks: How do you quickly determine when another Brother has drunk the Kool-Aid and bought into the fantasy.
Coach: You'll know, when he acts like and states that he really believes Freemasonry is a continuation of Stonecraft in a speculative form and sells it as such rather than understanding and enjoying it as the "role-playing theatrical society with a moral purpose" that it is. 

Very few Brothers realize that the lexicon, words, symbols, and lore used within the society have only been borrowed from Stonecraft and integrated into our organization's writings and rituals to add an authentic feel to its plays.  They're not historic and neither is the lore. 
Brother: Wait?!  Freemasonry isn't a continuation of Stonecraft in a speculative form?
Coach:  Perhaps you and I need to take a moment, step back and have you explain in more detail exactly what you meant by drinking the Kool-Aid and buying into the fantasy. 
Brother: Just pulling your leg Coach.  That's exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!

Coach: LOL!  You had me going there.
Brother: It's about time.
Coach John S Nagy

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