Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lifting the Veil - New Book

Building Hiram - 03/08/09

Hello Fellow Travelers!

Brother Giovanni Lombardo was a close friend to Brother Robert Theron Dunn who most Masons knew as Brother Theron. Years ago Gio, Theron and Bill McElligott planned to put together a book that would assist Masons world-wide in better understanding the esoteric aspects of Masonry.

With the all to sudden passing of Brother Theron, the book's focus was not changed but the urgency of putting it together and publishing it was. Brother Gio diligently collected writings from a variety of Brothers throughout the world and compiled 24 "chapters" that would provide a strong basis for better understanding the basics of Esoteric Masonic Thought.

I'm honored to say that I am one of the authors published within this book. Awhile ago I was asked by Brother Gio to write a chapter within it. He believes one of the most fundamental needs in Masonry is a firm understanding of what Stone is to a Builder and how Stone is moved from the ground into that building not made by hands. He asked me to write on this topic.

I agreed to write this chapter and add it to the wide and diverse span of topics covered within the book.

After producing this chapter and providing it to both Brothers Gio and Bill, it was agreed that my writing would be added to the soon to be published book (DUE OUT LATER THIS WEEK!).

After reviewing it, I can say that the work Gio did in compiling this volume does justice to the memory of Brother Theron, whose whole life was dedicated toward sharing Light, and the original intent shared with Gio and Bill.

If there is an interest on wanting to know more about and better understand the esoteric aspects of Masonry, this book will provide many hours of guidance and insight toward this end.


Coach N

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