Saturday, November 21, 2015

Society Still Secret

Wonder Landings TX – In an unexpected press release issued today by several Freemasonic bodies from around the world, it was announced that the Organization, known as "The Society of Free & Accepted Masons", has continuously maintained its unblemished record of secrecy for nearly 300 years.

Secrecy Spokesman and Worldwide Public Relations Officer Brother Lew Kutus claimed, “It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we’ve secretly invaded almost every community around the world with our patented stealth lodge technology.  We’ve cornered the market on secrecy and are masters in its application.”  He added, “When you see our proudly displayed buildings on the sides of roads, all lit up, signs a blazing, and empty parking lots, you’d never suspect for an instant there would be actual meetings going on in these buildings.”
He snickered and added excitedly, “But they’re going on monthly and people don’t even notice!  Not even most of our members!”

As many members and non-members will tell you that this organization, also known as “Those Secretive Freemasons”, has been a secret society ever since it was created back around 1717.  At that time, and ever since, it candidly proclaimed that its rich and varied history extending back in time to Knights Templar, Jerusalem, Egypt, Africa, Enoch, and even Adam himself.

“Frankly, not many secret organization can actually boast about maintaining secrecy like we can and not be taken as fools”, said Brother Ike N. Tellum.  “We’re hidden in plain sight and no one is the wiser.  We’re that good!”

Should you be interested in knowing more about this unbelievably well-kept secret and how to join it, simply type, “Grand Lodge Freemason” into any search engine and follow the links.
Respectfully Submitted,
Brother John S. Nagy

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