Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Brother Asks... True Master

A Brother Asks: What is the difference between a "Master Mason" and a "True Master Mason"?

My Response:  Quite bluntly, these are phrases that are used by individuals to point out that a member of the organization is just wearing a title instead of living up to the intent of the title, as they see it.

But in reality and stopping the word play, I cannot define what a "True Master Mason" is without conveying indirect judgment. Moreover, I don't believe anyone can define it without letting it be known that they are judging another member's suitability to wear the title.

The reason?  It's a redundant and unnecessarily judgmental term. A Master Mason is already True. "True" is the basis of the title "Master". One might as well say "Master Master Mason" or "True True Mason" by asking such a question. It's nonsensical, unless you are making effort to convey that judgment.
When a man wears the title, "Master Mason" and has earned it, he is already "True" because he has Laid the Foundation, Learned the Skills and has Built and Created at least one Masterpiece, himself!  Here are the steps he took to do just that:
  • Prepared to Learn,
  • Learned How to Learn, and
  • Learns and Teaches (himself and others) daily.
Moreover, a Master Mason who has done the Foundational Work of the first Two Degrees, has also focused his Work upon Building and Creating other Masterpieces, of which are also recognized as such by other Masters.
Furthermore, a Master Mason seeks to Find and become the Light he Seeks and is also a Guiding Light for other Seekers to do the same.
Anyone claiming the title "Master Mason" who does not meet these descriptions and desires to wear the title unearned, is simply a Ruffian wanting for entitlement.

And before you ask, "Yes!"  I have fallen into the trap of using the term.  When I catch myself, I correct it by conveying directly what I am making effort to say.  Sometimes it is a judgment and for good reason too.

So, what's the difference?  I'll turn the question around and ask back, what are you really trying to convey by the use of the word "true" in your distinguishing?
Brother John S Nagy

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