Monday, January 18, 2016

A Brother Asks... What Was Lost?

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A Brother Asks: What was Lost with the Grand Master’s Death?
My Response:  All that he did to develop and employ his masterful abilities and access to the same through him.
Let me expand upon this further.

The Word is a composite of Beauty, Strength and Wisdom, of which manifest the Masterful Artisan-Teacher (as denoted by the first artificer of sharp instruments of brass and iron, Tubal-Cain, along with his two brothers and sister, as a good example of this; this is straight from biblical text and Stonecraft lore).
Beauty, if we go by what some Rituals imply, is the result-filled application of Cunning (in the original sense of the word) Craftsmanship of which is utterly impossible without Wisdom to Contrive and Resources (the true meaning of "Strength" is “Resource” and why Hiram, King of Tyre was chosen; he had the resources!) with which to Build.

We're not talking about something you utter here. The Word cannot be conveyed in this manner. It is something you are, and you aren't it unless you do the Work to masterfully develop all three aspects to Perfection (a/k/a Maturity; Suitability and not "Flawlessness") and so that all are in agreement with each other (Harmony being one of many aspects of this “agreement”).
That's why, within the Allegory, Grand Master Hiram was unable to give the Ruffians what they demanded. They were lacking all three aspects and their agreement as represented by the three Grand Masters and hence they did not embody what The Word represent – Mastery. They died never knowing that the reason for their not getting The Word was their lack of Skill Development in three distinct domains - they lacked Strength, Wisdom and Beauty and the necessary agreement (harmony, etc…) that must exist and interplay between them to manifest Mastery.

Part of understanding what was Lost is understanding that the story conveying this understanding is an allegory and hence all characters represent something else. This is why so many misunderstand the allegory; they have yet to cultivate to mastery what is required to allegorical understand. It is a story; not a historical account. There is no King Solomon, no Hiram, King of Tyre and no Hiram Abiff.  They are only characters representing other things and they are used to deliver a message. 
The message is clear though, at least to those who understand allegory. When you develop yourself so that you have Wisdom, Beauty & Strength present in what you do and all are in agreement, you are the incarnation of The Word. When you don't do this, you're not.
The Ruffians refused to do this. They thought it was something they could "get" from someone else. Because of their focus, they could never "get" The Word because they were seeking something outside themselves rather than seeking those specific things needing to be cultivated within.
It's also a good reason you should always be suspicious of anyone or any system that says that they have the Lost Master's Word and that you can get it from them if you simply go through some ceremony.  The claims simply do not Pass the Acid Test.

So, what I'm saying is Cunning Craftsmanship was lost, and hence The Word as is what occurs any time a Master-filled life ends where a man took the time to develop and cultivate himself masterfully and what he does as a result of that development.


Brother John S. Nagy


Kurt Morauer said...

Awesome! The best explanation of the Lost Word that I have ever heard.

Coach N said...

Thanks for the wonderful affirmation my good Brother.

Alan Druckman said...

Bro. Nagy.... I deeply appreciate your response to the above inquiry. You explained the allegory in such a manner that I understood it more clearly now than ever before. You clearly enlightened and enriched my path. I deeply appreciate your response. I look forward to more of your responses in this venue.

Coach John S Nagy said...

Thanks for letting me know Brother Alan. I'm glad that my posts bring you further clarity.