Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Brother Asks... Why do Masons have Secrets?

A Brother Asks: Why do Masons have Secrets?

My Response:  Masons have Secrets not out of fear but because they have done the Work that allows for such Secrets to be revealed to them. They keep these Secrets to themselves not because they must but because those who have yet to do the Work cannot possibly see them, even though these Secrets are plainly seen by those who have done the Work.

Masons do not share these Secrets out of a conscious choice not to share them; they do not share them because such Secrets refuse to be seen by those who are untrainedsuch individuals are blind to them.

Masons know that these Secrets protect themselves from those who seek them wrongly. That is the nature of Secrets and having them cultivates this most base understanding!

You have a true Secret when it can be revealed openly and plainly and those who are untrained do not recognize it.

If they do see what you make effort to put forth, and they are untrained, then what you truly have is a contrived ploy designed to both satisfy and divert the attention of the untrained.

In other words, their ignorance, self-imposed or not, will keep what is revealed plainly before them from being Seen, Recognized, Understood and Used for what it truly is.

Warning: None of this should be confused with Freemasonic Secrets though.  Such secrets are obtained by paying a fee, going through a ceremony, and obligating yourself.  They are not obtained through the Work Ritual espouses.

Freemasons have secrets for entirely different reasons.  What do you think those reasons might be?


Brother John S. Nagy



Peter Taylor said...

Freemasonic secrets are only kept by a Brother because he made promises not to reveal them, and Freemasons don't, or are not supposed to, break promises!

Masonic secrets, or as I prefer "mysteries" are not revealed by a Brother because they are personal to him. From time to time it may be prudent for a Brother to reveal a mystery to another when he feels the student has proved himself worthy; in other words has done the work!

Peter Taylor

Coach John S Nagy said...

We are in accord my good Brother Peter.