Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Brother Asks... Why no Improvement Support Systems?

A Brother Asks:  If Freemasonry is supposed to make good men better, why doesn't it provide systems to do this?

My Response: The entire structure of Freemasonry is designed only to point the way toward betterment.  It is not designed to directly support the way toward betterment.

It will continue to work this way until the Craft realizes that pointing the way is not enough for those who want more and for those who want to attract and keep members involved.

Blue Lodge Freemasonry offers to candidates three maps that can help every one of them become a Better Man. However, it is ENTIRELY up to each candidate to learn how to read and follow these maps; the Craft as a whole cannot do this for them and for good reasons too.

The first reason is simple: The Craft were not taught that they were given these maps and they were not shown how to read them or follow them.  The system is sadly remise in supporting this end. As it is now, you have an entire organization of males who were never taught more than skills that preserve and act out Freemasonic scripts and choreography, but never engaging in what Freemasonry directs them to do.

The Second: Freemasonry rightfully assumes that each Candidate is Mature enough to Do "The Work" on his own.  When they are not mature enough, they shall find the organization fundamentally unfulfilling, foundationally flawed and ultimately boring. As they should since that is the reality that they have embraced and are engaged in.

This is the nature of males too immature to Grasp Responsibility for improving themselves and their own lives. 

Freemasonic Organizations are the ultimate "Self-Help" groups, as in, each Candidate must HELP THEMSELVES. 

Why is this?  Because, when things are working correctly, no one within the organization is going do it for them! They already know that they can't.  

They already know through experience that Mastery cannot be handed over; it must be cultivated from within by the directed Work of the person wanting it.

This doesn't mean that the system doesn't have programs designed to assist in running its operations.  It simply means that these programs are intended to support the system and only indirectly improve the men so that the system can be better supported.
Brother John S Nagy

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