Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Brother Asks: Apron Flaps

A Brother Asks: In some lodges I have seen that the flap of the apron worn is pointed up... why is that so?
Coach: It's a direct allusion to Stonecraft Masons. Stonecraft Apprentices had their flap up to assure their clothing, chest and body were not negatively affected by what they were working upon. While the flap is much smaller in the case of Freemasonic wear and missing neck strings, Stonecraft Masons' flaps went from their waists all the way up to just below their necks and had a way of fastening the flap around their necks.  

FCs were frequently supervisory in capacity and hence did not require the flap being up all the time unless they had to demonstrate something for teaching purposes or do something that apprentices could or should not do.
Coach: There are a lot of things that the flap turned up could mean. However, the most basic meaning is that apprentices have a lot of hard work to get through and it could tear them up if they are not properly protected in doing so.

Brother John S Nagy
NOTE: Pictures c/o Brother Steven McAfoose of Florence Lodge #949, Florence, KY, USA  


Rinesh Hegde said...

Thank you for taking this up in your blogpost... Really liked the explanation

Yours fraternally,
Bro. Rinesh Hegde

Coach John S Nagy said...

You are most welcome!

Unknown said...

IGYW My worthy brother
I have just gone through your blogs and I must tell you, I'm so fascinated about what you are doing. I'm from Ghana and what you discussed about Ghana is true because most of our seekers do not come with good intentions. It is not the quantity we seek but quality.
Bro. Collins N. A. Manu
Lodge On the Plains. Winneba Ghana

Coach John S Nagy said...

Thanks for confirming the information Bro. Collins N. A. Manu!

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