Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Craft Perfected! Actualizing Our Craft - Review

by Dr. John Nagy
Freemasonry offers the inquisitive mind numerous avenues for thought, meditation, enlightenment, interpretation, research and discovery. With his book The Craft Perfected author Dr. John Nagy, a Freemason himself and author of many books, has combined aspects of each. And in the eyes of this reader he has done so perfectly. This book will make you think!

The book delves into the Masonic meaning of several words and symbols while maintaining focus on the theme of the book, which I took to be a more genuine and thoughtful interpretation of the word perfect than is what is generally accepted. That may sound like a rather dry and boring endeavor, but Nagy’s talents as a writer, researcher, and expositor combine to make the book informative and full of tantalizing nuggets of truths.  

The hours of research that went into the finished book is evident by the number of footnotes referencing a variety of sources.

I would advise anyone to banish any thoughts of reading this relatively short book at one time; to do so would not give justice to the thought the author put into it, nor the important information that the reader can glean from it if read carefully and mindfully.
Those who seek more knowledge from some of the symbols and words of the Craft, by discovering their meaning as intended by our ancient Craft forefathers, should buy this book.  They will be rewarded.

Bro. Phil Pearce
Dallas Lodge No. 182 F&AM
Dallas, GA

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