Monday, February 22, 2016

A Brother Asks: What Challenge Do Many Not See?

A Brother Asks: What Challenge is offered by Ritual that many don't see?

My Response: The Challenge Freemasonic Ritual presents to all Brothers who Seriously Perpend what it offers is this: it's Fundamentally a "What To Do" rather than a "How To Do" series of Road Maps and therefore requires men to think beyond just viewing or experiencing it if they are going to benefit from it.

This design is Purposeful.  It takes a Proactive Heart and Engaging Mind to take the Necessary Steps to figure out "How To Do" what it directs us toward and thus make "What To Do" occur once figured out.

Those who fail to meet this Challenge may never begin to realize on what they are missing out.

The Challenge also Distinguishes engaged Builders from passive Members.

Which are you?  Don't tell us.  Show us!


Brother John S. Nagy

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