Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Raising a Point: What's it going to take?

The Points of the Compasses Represent the Work Goals of the 1st and 2nd Degree -- the Cultivation of the Heart and the Head respectively.

Examining these two specific Target Goals as Alluded to within the first two Degrees brings to Light why each Point moves for a Brother (from the Below to the Above) once the Foundational Work of each Degree is supposedly Completed.

A Brother's Raised Point indicates a Foundational Cultivation has occurred, Raising it above Physical governance (Below) and into Spiritual governance (Above).

You might want to ask yourself at this Point, which side do you Work upon for each Degree and how does that Cultivation Work correspond to any specific Raised Point?

If you have not yet started that Cultivation Work yourself, you might want to ask what's the Point of your membership? Better yet, ask yourself what it would actually take for you to Raise a Point, or two?


Brother John S. Nagy

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